Live At Parkway Square Scenic

 Live at Parkway Square scenic view is in the northwest part of Florida, closer to the boundary of Georgia in the north and Apalachee Bay to its south. East of Parkway Square is Jacksonville. If you’re coming from Jacksonville, take I-10 heading west. Your apartment is also closer to Florida State University and the Tallahassee International Airport. 

The southeast sub-block of the Live at Parkway Square scenic view consists of about 9 separate apartment complexes and one long row of studio apartments. The main resort pool is located at the center adorned by beautiful Florida palm trees. Open space surface parking with markings are found on all four sides of this sub-area. Cool pathways lined with trees are found in between the rows of 2-floor apartments. 

There are a number of restaurants and shops that are within fairly walking distance from Live at Parkway Square scenic view. Most of these are found close to Apalachee Parkway. There’s Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse in front of Sun Trust Bank, McDonald’s at the corner of Forest Tower Drive and Apalachee Parkway, Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers and IHOP.

If you want to explore the parks in Tallahassee, these are all within short driving distance from Live at Parkway Square scenic view. There’s the Cascades Park in Tallahassee, the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park near Piney Z Lake northeast of your apartment, and the Governor’s Park.

The 2-floor apartments have the look of townhouses, with attractive black steel staircases by the handsomely corrugated beige wall leading to the upper floors. The design is Mediterranean-inspired with wide viewing decks at the center of each building supported by extended canopies and high posts, as part of Live at Parkway Square scenic view. 

The natural stone color of the built residences agrees with the dark green leaves of the trees surrounding each apartment complex. The close, compact spacing or distancing of the apartment buildings are reflective of European warmth, typically similar to the structural formations in Greek islands that enhance informality and creativity at the Live at Parkway Square scenic view. 

After a swim, you can sip your cool drink under by the round table under a beach umbrella and feel like being in the French Riviera. The mixed colored tile floor around the pool eliminates visual monotony and enhances attraction to the pool at the Live at Parkway Square scenic view. 

You’ll find seamless concrete pathways that connect you to other nearby apartments with cool surroundings as a result of magnificent landscaping. Whether you come to the office or the clubhouse, you’ll be greeted by a tiled walkway with an amazing combination of green grass, unique brown grass and art-formed shrubs by the pathway of the Live at Parkway Square scenic view.